Products - Want clean water at every tap in the house?

A whole-house water purification system offers more advantages: you and your family can:

  • drink purified water from any tap in the house, any time;
  • bathe and shower in purified water – it reduces wrinkles and dry skin caused by chlorine and other harmful chemicals;
  • wash your hair in purified water for softness and silkiness;
  • have purified water at your washing machine's inlet – protecting clothes and machine;
  • likewise with your dishwasher, water kettle, geyser and water pipes – no clogging and damage done by the chemicals in municipal water.


Whole-house systems are installed at the main water inlet to your house, or any other spot where it would be more convenient. The larger fibreglass vessel systems come standard with backwashing feature to rinse and refresh carbon granules at regular intervals, and can be fitted with:

  • a sediment pre-filter, to ensure no grit gets into the system (if required),
  • a water meter, to assist in telling when the carbon should be replaced.