Water quality

Water is normally treated and supplied by our municipalities in accordance with standard processes and procedures. These include monitoring and testing for hazardous and unwanted substances, and the effective removal thereof before letting the water into the municipal infrastructure.

However, municipal water treatment does not satisfy all consumer expectations. For example, certain chemicals such as chlorine are added to sanitize our water, but it is not removed again and stay in the municipal water reticulation systems. The reasons for this make good sense from the municipality's viewpoint, and should be respected and appreciated. It is the responsibility of the consumers to further purify the water at their own points of use. Doing this is absolutely worthwhile, since many of the substances left in our tap water are unwanted and harmful over the long term.

Another good reason for purifying water at the point of use (where it comes out of the tap), is the alarming rate at which water quality at some municipal waterworks is deteriorating. Whether all be due to lack of knowledge, responsibility, or corrupted motives, is besides the point; the consumer must do what is possible to ensure clean, safe water.

After municipal water has gone through the 'primary' treatment phase at the waterworks, a final purification stage with active carbon at the house, office, or other facility, is ideal. Active carbon is a magnificent purification all-rounder that happens to be very effective especially on municipal water. Apart from its purification and practicality advantages it is also relatively cheap and easy to maintain, and lasts very long as a purification medium.

In the peri-urban environment, or if you have your own borehole or rain water harvesting system, water quality may be unknown and potentially harmful, or it may be known to be below the potable level due to hardness, other high mineral content, diseases, or toxins. Even rainwater could contain a variety of harmful substances. The actual quality of a given water source can only be determined by means of a water laboratory analysis. Diamond Dew can manage the necessary analysis and then design the most suitable solution for the situation.